About Us

About Us

Who Are We

Turning Point Transitions inc  was built to address the issues of employment, housing, education, stability, and relationships to foster revival and continuation of being successful.

We achieved our success because of how successfully we integrate with our clients.

One complaint many people have about a counselor is that they can be disruptive. Our clients face no such issues.

Turning Point Transitions

Leading Specialists

We are a group of professional and experienced psychologists and psychiatrists.

Best Treatment

Our traditional and inventive guiding treatment techniques are guaranteed.

Carefull Therapy

We guarantee only 100 % professional high-quality services for you.

Mission Statement

Turning Point Transitions will focus on reducing men, women, and children of all ages living in poverty.

Turning Point Transitions Inc women's shelter

Interested In Residing At Our Residential Home?

Our staff will provide individual counseling, case management, life skills and financial literacy, and vocational development. We strive to make your future successful.

People Trust Us

Turning Point Transitions Inc staff all have lived experience on the programs we offer. All staff have the understanding of what individuals are going through because of direct firsthand experience. 

Why Choose US ?

Turning Point Transitions Inc has a diverse staff. Many of our staff have experienced have been in your situation. 

Get In Touch With Us

We Will Provide Direct Services To Communities Throughout The City Of Syracuse.